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Only ,99£ Today. Honor, an epic of West Point and the Civil War

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Offline Bob Mayer
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Heart Only ,99£ Today. Honor, an epic of West Point and the Civil War

The first book in this series, Duty, is permanently free. This second book is currently .99£ starting today, 9/22.
This is history told both epic and personal so the reader can feel the heart-wrenching clash of duty, honor, country and loyalty. And realize that sometimes the people who changed history weren't recorded by it. In the vein of HBO's Rome miniseries, two fictional characters, Lucius Rumble and Elijah Cord, are standing at many of the major crossroads of our history.

The book begins with the battle at Palo Alto at the beginning of the Mexican War, percentage-wise, the bloodiest in U.S. History. While U.S. Grant and Lucius Rumble fight across Mexico, Elijah Cord is with Fremont and Kit Carson in the far west, battling to bring California into the Union.

The book concludes on the eve of the Civil War, with each man taking his place on one side or the other, as West Point classmates prepare to face each other in battle.

The Civil War was a West Point war. As plebes we were required to memorize the fact that in 55 of 60 major battles, West Pointers commanded both sides and in the other five, one side.

This is book II in the Duty, Honor, Country series.

Assembly Magazine (Association of Graduates, West Point): "Bob Mayer has stretched the limits of the military novel. Mayer brings an accurate depiction of military life to this book which greatly enhances its credibility."
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