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Upgrading AMD GPU - Should I do it now or wait?

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Offline KabirRaut
31 Aug 2019, 08:13 PM | Post: #1

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Upgrading AMD GPU - Should I do it now or wait?

This post was last modified: 07 Sep 2019 12:04 PM by KabirRaut.
So recently I got a used i7 7700K from a friend for a fairly cheap price and my R9 270X looks quite outdated in my PC since then.
Because of that I'm considering upgrading to a more current graphics card.spanish tutor
I want to stay with AMD because I don't want to temper with settings/drivers too much. At the moment I have my eyes on the Radeon 5700 as it seems to offer the best bang for buck.
Should I upgrade now or should I wait for AMD's upcoming graphics cards (which are supposedly coming in the first half of 2020) hoping to get an even better deal?