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Amazon Fire 10...You lasted less than a week in my house before I had to return

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Offline Redington
29 Aug 2019, 07:23 AM | Post: #1

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Amazon Fire 10...You lasted less than a week in my house before I had to return

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Hello everyone,,
Coming from me, that's not good. I'm known throughout my family and friends for always getting my hands on the best tech. I've never had to return something before that wasn't broken, but I simply could not stand owning an Amazon Fire anymore.

I'm an aspiring author and I was looking for a nice compact tablet that I could easily carry around and type away on my book whenever I had a free moment. I'm writing it in google docs so that I can access it anywhere, the tablet, my laptop, and anywhere else. So I was looking for a reliable tablet for under $100 that would be able to do this one simple function.

So I went out to Best Buy and decided on the Amazon Fire 10. I took it home set it up and I started to discover things. First thing I discovered was how many ads are attached to this tablet. I had no idea that I would have to be subjected to an ad on the lock screen any time i turn it on, and that I have to pay extra if I want them removed...that one is just pure extortion.

The second thing I found out, is that Amazon HATES google. I mean, I know the companies were rivals, but I had no idea they took it to a level that effected their product's performance. I discovered that the version of android software that powered this tablet is specifically designed to reject all Google-based applications. Everything from the apps to even accessing google based websites in the browser were all blocked and would require some jailbreaking in order to bypass. So this new tablet I bought purely to run Google Docs, couldn't run google docs spanish tutor near me...

Amazon Fire, I gave you a try, I really did. I tried to make it work with other third-party apps, but nope. I can't stand this tablet and I'm returning it to the store. If you would have told me a week ago that the "RCA 10.1 Android Go Edition" that I'm now considering buying instead would be the better of the two options when it comes to a tablet under $100, I would have thought you were crazy...but it appears to be true.

So get out of my house Amazon. No one wants you here anymore...