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Free Audible UK Download Codes for books

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Offline Bob Mayer
20 Aug 2019, 11:32 AM | Post: #1


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Exclamation Free Audible UK Download Codes for books

I have 20 free download codes for each of the following books. To receive the individual code, email me at Bob@bobmayer.com  Limit three per please. Specify it is for Audible UK. Thanks.
New York Minute
Area 51: Invasion
Area 51: Redemption
D-Day (Time Patrol)
Chasing the Son (Green Berets)
Hallows Eve (Time Patrol)
Valentines Day: (Time Patrol)
Nine Eleven (Time Patrol)
[Image: 51PLdXTttvL._SL95.jpg]  [Image: 51bIT2dEJEL._SL95.jpg] [Image: 512Dq8FMeHL._SL95.jpg] [Image: 51H8%2B5mSoBL._SL95.jpg][Image: 51n-cSJ5OoL.jpg]