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Why I don't use Kindle

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17 Aug 2019, 07:16 PM | Post: #1

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Why I don't use Kindle

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Hello everyone,,
Reposting from another thread for visibility (and because I haven't been downvoted today):
Amazon holds the keys to your Kindle: they know what books are on it, they can change the books or even remove them from your device without your permission.
Granted, they tend inform you when there is an "update" to an ebook you have purchased, and the known reasons they have removed books in the past arr because they weren't supposed to sell them in the first place, but yeah--they have that capability and have used it in the past.
Does Amazon actively track which books you've read or how far into each you've gone? I don't know. But they can get that information: whispersync requires it to work. And any data collected can be used and sold, if not now, then in the future. It can be used to target you: "you liked this book, so you'll want to buy that one..."riverslots download for pc

Yes, it can be convenient if my bookseller can tell me when the next installment of a favorite series is coming off the press. On the other hand, if some unnamable government agency has access to those lists and decides that anyone who reads Chemistry 101, say is a potential domestic terrorist, then I have issues with it.
On the gripping hand, if some hacker breaks into the big digital book locker and decides to delete every file that contains the word "witch", which then sucks them all out of every reader that calls home, I will remain content knowing that my archived Harry Potter series is safe and personally accessible on my non-Amazon reader.