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How can Wikipedia be an effective tool for marketing?

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09 Aug 2019, 06:37 PM | Post: #1

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How can Wikipedia be an effective tool for marketing?

Marketing and advertising is one of the most crucial aspects of businesses. Many businesses are using Wikipedia to market their brand and improve their sales. Being one of the top five most visited websites on the internet, it can add credibility to the business and more people are inclined to believe the content found on Wikipedia. They hire Wikipedia page creation services to produce credible content to be published on the page.
Think about it: if your audience search for your company and a Wikipedia page shows up in the SERP, they are likely going to see and trust the information present in the article. Using Wikipedia means you need to maintain the informative and unbiased tone of the platform. You need to make sure that your Wikipedia page abide by the strict Wikipedia guidelines to make sure the publication of the article. Moreover, you also need to monitor your Wikipedia page to make sure it doesn’t affect the credibility of the article. Wikipedia’s user edit nature can easily make a negative impact on the audience as any person having a Wikipedia account can edit the information in the article. Do you think creating a Wikipedia page is an effective marketing tool?