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Is Self-publishing Preferable?

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07 Aug 2019, 06:19 PM | Post: #1

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Smile Is Self-publishing Preferable?

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Hello everyone,,

We had a young teenaged trainee solicitor work for the firm during his summer break before going to university. At the time, his first book was just being published. Understandably, he was quite excited and was in the local newspaper, and had an interview on a local radio station.
Then he received his copy of the book 
la movers on publication, and the disappointment set in. To start with, none of the edits he had given them, and which they requested, were included, so his professionally published book would appear with many errors.
At least caring and hard working indie authors try to get the best version possible published, and we do have control over everything. Ok, my greatest problem is artwork for covers, but that is not insurmountable.

So, do indies prefer their independence, or do they still yearn for a mainstream publisher. At least the mainstream publisher ensures a good cover and promotion, and gives the finished article a 'background' of professionalism. Yes, many indie books probably should never have been published, or needed a little extra effort, but the same also applies to some mainstream published books too. It all depends on right palce, right time, and luck.

I would hope that publishers did not allow their professionalism to fail, so perhaps the teenager's publishers were a small house. I know exactly how he feels, and I hope the disappointment does not stop him from writing. We all need a little help and encouragement at times.Kindle Smile