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What I've done with my $40 Amazon Fire tablet so far

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05 Aug 2019, 11:43 AM | Post: #1

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What I've done with my $40 Amazon Fire tablet so far

[font="Noto Sans", Arial, sans-serif]It took me about an hour to figure out how to get the Google Play Store installed, but once I got to that point the floodgates opened. So for $40, so far I can do the following with it;[/font]
  • [font="Noto Sans", Arial, sans-serif]Full office suite (Google Apps)[/font]
  • [font="Noto Sans", Arial, sans-serif]Email[/font]
  • [font="Noto Sans", Arial, sans-serif]Chrome browsing[/font]
  • [font="Noto Sans", Arial, sans-serif]Google Play books and music, with access to my full library of music and books[/font]
  • [font="Noto Sans", Arial, sans-serif]Kodi with Exodus, Netflix, HBO Now - for watching TV and movies[/font]
  • [font="Noto Sans", Arial, sans-serif]Microsoft RDP, Chrome Remote Desktop, Goto Assist, Log Me In Remote Software - Sadly I actually use all of these...[/font]
  • [font="Noto Sans", Arial, sans-serif]SSH terminal, Java IDE (I have a logitech k480 I use with this for when I want to practice coding)[/font]