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Pin access to add wifi under child profile!!

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06 Jul 2019, 08:01 AM | Post: #1

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Pin access to add wifi under child profile!!

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[font="Noto Sans", Arial, sans-serif][font="Noto Sans", Arial, sans-serif]So when my child goes to my ex-wife’s house the only way my child can access the wifi screen to add the wifi credentials would be to give My ex the pin to the device which also would give her access to my amazon account which I don’t want for a number of reasons. I called amazon and they weren’t able to provide any solutions but they also acted like they had never heard this question before. Surely I am not the only divorced person in the world the doesn’t want to give access to my amazon account that easily am I? Any ideas other than buying my kid an ipad?[/font][/font]vidmate mobdro word counter