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Limited Time Sale on Bisecter (Fantasy)!

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Offline Stephanie Fazio
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Limited Time Sale on Bisecter (Fantasy)!

This post was last modified: 05 Jun 2019 05:48 PM by Stephanie Fazio.
In celebration of my book launch for Halve Human: Book 2 in the Bisecter Series, I'm reducing the price of Bisecter: Book 1 in the Bisecter Series to $0.99 for the next week! 

[Image: 51e1DgyBaXL._SL160_.jpg]
[Image: 51YXH7qICVL._SL160_.jpg]

Here's the synopsis for Halve Human, which just launched yesterday:
Set in a dangerous and extraordinary fantasy world where the sun never sets, Stephanie Fazio’s BISECTER told the story of Hemera, a Bisecter who is part human and part Halve, who left her people’s caves to save her friends and sparked a war.

Now, in HALVE HUMAN, Hemera must contend with a new enemy…one that was created from her own blood. 

Meanwhile, she must mount a resistance against the tyrannical Duskers, who have uncovered the location of the Solguard fortress and plan to annihilate all of the rebels. Impossible circumstances force Hemera to form unexpected alliances and make heartbreaking choices that will risk everything and everyone she’s come to care for.

Hemera moves deeper into the world of Duskers and Solguards, Halves and Zeroes….all while confronting a new danger…one over which she has total power and, at the same time, no control.

For more info, visit https://StephanieFazio.com

I hope you love it! Smile