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Bargain Box Set - Three British Police Procedural Thrillers for £1.99

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Bargain Box Set - Three British Police Procedural Thrillers for £1.99

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Only £1.99 for three books!  My DI Kate Fletcher series is on special offer for the next few days.  
Closer to Home
Bad Seed
Closer to Home:
Family. Secrets. Murder.
Newly promoted DI Kate Fletcher has reluctantly returned to her home town after a twenty-year absence and a recent divorce.  The discovery of a child’s body near the estate where Kate grew up has her rushing back to Thorpe – a place of bad memories and closed mouths. 
As her team investigate the murder, they keep hitting dead ends. The community is reluctant to reopen old wounds and retell old stories.  But Kate’s history refuses to stay buried.
Then another child disappears… 
Can Kate solve the case and right the wrongs from her past?
Two murders. One missing girl.
DI Kate Fletcher is called out to a freezing canal where a woman’s body is found floating in a lock.  With no identification, the police struggle to piece together the details of the woman’s life.
In Thorpe, a daughter confesses to the murder of her father.  She says she helped him escape a painful death from liver cancer but was her role more active than she claims?
As Kate and her team investigate, the links between the two cases are inescapable and everything seems to lead back to the disappearance of a teenager years earlier.
Then the main suspect vanishes….
Can Kate connect the events of the past and present to bring the culprit to justice?
Bad Seed:
When the body of a woman is discovered near Doncaster’s red light district, DI Kate Fletcher is called to the scene. 
The victim has an abdominal wound that looks like a Caesarean incision, leading the police to believe she may have been pregnant.
Kate’s team establish the woman’s identity but it soon becomes clear that those close to her have something to hide.
The post-mortem reveals the victim wasn’t pregnant and, when a second body is discovered with similar wounds, the police realise they are hunting for a serial killer with a sinister fixation.
Can Kate solve the case before another woman dies?
And can a ruthless, methodical killer be brought to justice?

Fans of authors like Joy Ellis, Charlie Gallagher and Angela Marsons will love the bestselling DI Kate Fletcher Series.
[Image: 41pC%2BFoAFVL.jpg]https://www.amazon.co.uk...
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