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Amazon have broken Text to Speech on Oasis.

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Offline spiderj27
20 May 2019, 07:33 AM | Post: #1

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Amazon have broken Text to Speech on Oasis.

I've had almost every version of Kindle over the years and so it was inevitable I would at some point get an Oasis. Generally it's a lovely bit of kit. 
However I enjoy having the text to speech engine running while I read so that I can put the kindle down and do other things while still listening. 
The new Oasis has broken this feature completely for me. Now I have to access it through accessibility options, turn it on then have to change how I use the kindle screen which is fidly and annoying - I don't know how people with disabilities cope. Added to that you can't change the voice - it's female, American and that's it. Worst of all there's a massive pause now between page transitions (where on my Fire HDX it was seemless) and there's a huge CLICK everytime the page turns. 
It's rubbish. Anyone know how any of this can be changed or know if Amazon are going to fix it because it makes my Oasis experience truly awful.