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Comparing Aggregators for Going Wide

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Comparing Aggregators for Going Wide

Thought I'd post some pointers for people looking for one-stop shops to self-publish as this summary was welcomed in another writing forum I frequent. I personally go direct with Amazon, Kobo, and Nook, use D2D for most other places, and Smashwords for a few more.

Draft2Digital - https://www.draft2digital.com/getstarted
Very easy to use. Accesses Amazon, Nook, Kobo, iTunes, Playster, Scribd, Inktera, 24 Symbols, Overdrive. In negotiations to add Google. Templates for fancy formatting (not brilliant or some genres, great for others). Good way to produce a quick epub, which can then be uploaded to lots of other sites. Good customer service.

Smashwords - https://www.smashwords.com/signup
Rather clunky to use (don't forget to use doc not docx). Accesses Amazon (some question over how successfully), Nook, Kobo, iTunes, Scribd, Inktera, Overdrive, and lots more. Has own store too (which allows you to run promos that don't affect Amazon pricematch because they are coupons not markdowns). Never had to try customer service, but the automated emails about problems with file checking aren't the most helpful in the world.

Streetlib - https://dash.streetlib.com/authentication/signup
Tried it, but got lost with all the confusing site design and bits that kept bouncing to the Italian site rather than the English one.

IngramSpark - https://myaccount.ingramspark.com/Account/Signup
Brilliant for physical books. The terms for ebooks didn't strike me as appealing compared to other offerings, even if you manage to get them to waive the setup/change fee.

PublishDrive - https://publishdrive.com
Accesses Amazon, Google Play, Apple, OverDrive, Odilo, Tolino, Bookmate and others. Only need to set preferences once rather than per book (don't know if that can be overridden for a particular book where you might want different channels).

What do other people think? Let us know any other pros and cons of each site.
Any other recommendations?
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