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Herbal Garden

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Offline Bookie7
02 Jan 2019, 11:57 AM | Post: #1

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Herbal Garden

Hello everyone! A few days ago I finished reading a short book about how to create a herbal garden. There were plenty of tips, but still I am not sure what can I grow in central Europe. Winters there are really cold and frosty, so I have to start in spring/late spring. I want to order some seeds from CLICK but there is said that some plants should be grown in summer-autumn. Won't it be to late? What do you think?
Offline Louise Warman Reading
02 Jan 2019, 01:56 PM | Post: #2

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What I Read

RE: Herbal Garden

See what your neighbours are growing, and when - that'll give you a good clue as to when to start sowing seeds. That's what I did when I moved from the UK to the Pyrenees where the climate is different - hotter, colder, drier AND wetter!  
Also check out the local markets for plants in the spring - many growers will have plants that they have developed to suit the local conditions.
I start off tender seeds like basil indoors (no greenhouse) while it is still cold outside, but once established they'll grow outdoors until the first frosts.

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