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Is the Paperwhite worth for a first-time buyer?

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01 Jan 2019, 07:43 AM | Post: #1

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Is the Paperwhite worth for a first-time buyer?

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I’ve never owned a Kindle before, but I recently started using the Kindle app on my iPhone and loved the accessibility of reading anywhere. I want to buy my first Kindle, but I can’t decide between the entry level Kindle or the new Paperwhite. https://downloader.vip/yify-yts/ https://putlocker.ooo/ https://omegle.onl/

Here’s the thing: I don’t really read around the water so being waterproof isn’t a factor; I’m also used to not being able to read in the dark because I’ve always read physical books. So...

Is the backlight that much of a game changer? Will it be worth the extra $50 if I plan to continue more normal daylight/lamp reading patterns?

Thanks is advanced for the help!
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RE: Is the Paperwhite worth for a first-time buyer?

Hi there, I would say yes it's definitely worth it because then you'll have the option of reading in lower light or in bed in the dark if you wish. You may well find as I did, when you change from physical books to a Kindle that you'll read much more so you may well want those options. Saying all that I would suggest as it's your first one that you may want to see if you can get the 2015 version of the Paperwhite (that's what I have) , if you're not bothered about the waterproof element but I'm not sure if Amazon are still selling those or have just got the newest one up. If you have the budget and definitely want a Kindle I'd go for the Paperwhite for sure. If you want a case with it, check Amazon stand alone sellers/search or E-bay for some really nice cases under a tenner. Happy Reading!!
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