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Coming in 2019 New York Minute.

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Offline Bob Mayer
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Coming in 2019 New York Minute.

This post was last modified: 06 Dec 2018 02:15 PM by Bob Mayer.
First Blood meets the Equalizer in New York City in the summer of 1977, culminating during the citywide blackout.
The last time former Green Beret Will Kane killed someone it made the cover of LIFE Magazine. Eight years later he’s getting pushed to the edge of a precipice he vowed never to go over again.
New York City, summer 1977. The Bronx is burning. The twin towers of the new World Trade Center loom over the skyline. Son of Sam has been claiming victims for a year. Star Wars is released. The Yankees are heading toward the World Series with Reggie Jackson vs. Billy Martin. Studio 54 opens.  Rupert Murdoch buys the NY Post. The Five Families rule the underworld as the city faces bankruptcy and unrest seethes in the streets.
On the dark streets of a city the rest of the country believes is going down the toilet, Vietnam vet Kane’s life mirrors his hometown.
Carrying a past littered with death and tragedy, Kane has been working as a ‘fixer’ for a high-priced lawyer since returning to the city in disgrace with a dishonorable discharge after following the real life Colonel who became the template for Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now. But is he really fixing anything? As the long hot summer begins to boil, so does Kane as he faces threats and betrayal, and then on 13 July 1977 the Blackout occurs and Kane explodes.
Kane’s journey will continue in Knockin’ On Heaven’s Doorand then Walk On The Wild Side
About the author: Bob Mayer up in New York, City, graduated West Point, served in the Infantry and Special Forces (Green Berets). After leaving active duty he studied martial arts in the Orient. He is the New York Times bestselling author of over 75 books. 
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