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Anyone else facing Kindle battery issues?

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Offline Robinmalhotra
21 Nov 2018, 06:38 AM | Post: #1

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Anyone else facing Kindle battery issues?

This post was last modified: 24 Nov 2018 03:12 PM by Robinmalhotra.
So I've noticed two things that happened with my Kindle and I haven't really found satisfactory answers on the web anywhere - so I thought I might as well ask here.

My Kindle (3G Paper White - latest generation) charge doesn't last too long - And I'm talking FULL battery WITH Airplane Mode ON AND Brightness around 10-12. Why is this happening when the Kindle was advertised as a charge-it-once-a-month-thing?

I had charged my Kindle fully and for some reasons, was unable to use it for a month or so. The next time I turned it on - it's battery had fully drained out. Again, if a full battery charge is said to last a month (and I hadn't even as much as USED the device)....where did the charge vanish to?

If someone could please shed some light on this it would be really helpful. Thank you!