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PC cannot see my Kindle Voyage

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Offline MsHoneyRose
09 Nov 2018, 09:41 AM | Post: #1

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PC cannot see my Kindle Voyage

This post was last modified: 09 Nov 2018 09:42 AM by MsHoneyRose.
I have a fairly new Kindle Voyage. Recently I downloaded  a couple of .mobi format books onto my PC with the intention of  putting them on my Kindle. However when I plugged the Kindle into the PC using a microUSB-USB cable, the PC did not see it. And a rather strange message popped up on the Kindle, saying I could read it while charging but otherwise I needed to extract it from my PC. I think this meant I should delete its entry in Settings, but as it does not appear there,  it was irrelevant.  I have tried different cables and different USB slots on my PC and know they are all active, but the PC simply does not see the Kindle on any of them. I am running Windows 7. Any suggestions?