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Top 5 Horror Games You Won’t Want to Miss

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Top 5 Horror Games You Won’t Want to Miss

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If you are a person who is not afraid of the dark, horrifying movies or even scary things are your favourite genre, so playing these online horror games are the best choice for you. Check out the list below to find out more.


Make sure you are mentally prepared before you start this psychological horror game. You will take on the role of Mike, a man whose peaceful world got shattered on the day he heard horrific news about his missing wife.
Depends on how you make the decisions during Mike’s investigation on the truth, the game will lead to multiple endings. You can read for more info here gaming online - top 3 people who you’ll find playing the best free games.

[Image: Tv7yh4H.jpg]
Connect with the characters to find new clues.

Silent Hill: Final Redemption

9 years ago, Nathan Wales had done sinful acts that brought terrible deaths to his family and friends. His crimes come back every night in his sleep, to the point that they drive him mad.
Now, you will accompany Nathan in finding his redemption at Silent Hill, the town where all his sins began.

[Image: PYjtgLv.jpg]
What's hidden in the mist in Silent Hill? 
Whispers Room 6

The road trip with your family is going well; everyone’s having a happy time together. The sky is getting dark, and you decide to stop by a cosy hotel to rest. But you never could have guessed that the room hides ghosts that have kidnapped your wife and daughter. Here are some amazing games you can play, check it out at free online games - up-to-date news on the best online games for browser.

[Image: efyMEux.jpg]
Find your family and escape the hotel! 

Dungeon Nightmares

You wake up to the hollow dungeon. The ground is cold, and you can hear faint screams from an unknown distance. Your only hope is the light from the candle to lead your path. Look for support from the materials scattered in the dark place, but beware of monsters, they could be right behind you.

The Grudge

Last but not least is the game based on the legendary franchise of the same name by Sony Pictures. You will need to explore the haunted house to find out why you ended up here in the first place. Avoid getting killed by the ghost lady and live to tell the tale. Wanna see more games, check these free online games.