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FREE today only 10/8 Prepare Now-Survive Now

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Offline Bob Mayer
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FREE today only 10/8 Prepare Now-Survive Now

Prepare Now-Survive Now
Written by a former member of Special Operations and NY Times Bestselling author, this is a handy guide to preparing for possible emergencies and basic survival information. This is a distilled, version of two longer manuals, one on preparation, the other on survival. While not a first aid manual, it gives an introduction to basic techniques and links to free, advanced apps.

Key Information Everyone In Your Household Must Know
The First Five Things to Do in an Emergency
First Aid: Breathing
First Aid: Bleeding
First Aid: Free Apps
Water. The basics and procurement
Grab-n-Go Bag
High Likelihood Specific Emergencies (power outage, fire, tornado, hurricane, heat wave, earthquake, flood)
Appendix A: SURVIVAL acronym
Appendix B: Free downloadable apps
Appendix C: Items mentioned with links
Appendix D: Links to free Powerpoint Survival Slideshows
Appendix E: All checklists

If there is one book you must have, this is it.
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