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Buying samples by mistake

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Offline ChrisKin
26 Sep 2010, 09:37 AM | Post: #11

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RE: Buying samples by mistake

(26 Sep 2010 06:45 AM)Ian Palmer Wrote:  I know this is a daft question but after the refund does Amazon simply delete the book from your account and if so what happens if it has already been transferred to say two seprate Kindles? Do the books remain on the Kindle but not on the account or are rhey removed only when you next synch the Kindle to the computer?

Just wondering


The books I got refunds on disappeared from the Kindle within about an hour of getting the email saying I would get a refund. I'd guess this was true of any Kindles registered to the same account.

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26 Sep 2010, 10:38 PM | Post: #12


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RE: Buying samples by mistake

Mine were deleated the next time I connected the Kindle to the wireless.

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