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Kdp amazon email re fake amazon accounts KENP...please advise?

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kdp amazon email re fake amazon accounts KENP...please advise?

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Received email from amazon, have checked last months KENP page reads and they have cut about 70% of the number of page reads, I had over 20,000 page reads in one month I think about 22,000 and now they have cut this number my about 70%, all my page reads are genuine because I do twitter marketing but their email comes across as if there is wrong doing going on. In some of my books I have data for the reader to practice systems on and I generally place the system at the end of the book so they have to pass the data to get to the system, though can return to the data to practice the systems on. This has nothing to do with fake amazon accounts, it's just the page numbers, and number of pages and demand for the books. I feel amazon are cheating me and using fake amazon account as a reason. 
Can you please advise me because i'm paying for twitter marketing and I do not know what to do, sould I remove my books from the KENP?
[font="Times New Roman",serif]Hello, [/font]

We are reaching out to you because we detected accounts attempting to manipulate Kindle services by simulating reading or borrowing activity on your titles. You do not need to take any action, however, we will block the activities of these malicious accounts and their effects on payments. This means that you will still receive royalties associated with legitimate reading activities, but you will not receive royalties associated with activities related to these accounts.

Please note that this notice does not represent a change to your account status but is sent to make you aware of how our security countermeasures will affect your previously reporting page count and your royalty payments.

We understand you might have questions regarding the nature of how we detect these activities, however, please be aware that we cannot provide details that might compromise the integrity of our security systems. 
If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at content-review@amazon.com.


Amazon KDP


My reply to amazon:
Do you think I should remove all my titles from the KDP program?

I can't see why Amazon accounts would want to simulate reading or borrowing of my titles since I am not connected with any accounts and no one other than myself as anything to benefit from. 

I do a lot of internet marketing which might explain the page reading amounts, which involves tweeting my titles and I pay for my tweets to be tweeted. If my royalties will suffer from what you believe is something wrong going on, I can't see there being in point in my titles remaining in the KDP program. I'd rather remove them from the program if I am going to be losing funds and make them available via eBook kindle and paperback only. 

Can you please let me know what is going on because I'm paying for twitter marketing of my titles and if I am not going to receive royalties I am properly entitled to I will stop tweeting my books on social media which is coating me money?