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Night of Demons - 2nd Raine's Landing supernatural thriller - FREE THIS WEEKEND

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Offline Tony Richards Reading The Empire of Time -- David Wingrove
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Night of Demons - 2nd Raine's Landing supernatural thriller - FREE THIS WEEKEND

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First published by Eos/HarperCollins. This is a new Kindle edition.

Centuries ago, the Salem witches founded the village of Raine's Landing, then cloaked it in magic to hide it from sight. Many of their descendants still practice the supernatural arts - and no one who lives here can ever leave. 
Now evil has breached its boundaries once again . . .
A serial killer with a corrupt and twisted soul, Cornelius Hanlon has freely entered Raine's Landing, undeterred by the ancient magical safeguards. And when he chooses the town's oldest adept as his first victim, the maniac inadvertently gains possession of a powerful "gift" more terrible than anything he could have sadistically dreamed.
Ex-town cop Ross Devries and his Harley-riding sometime-partner, Cassandra Mallory, have no supernatural abilities. But they are the last line of defense in this village of secrets and shadows - facing a psychopath who now wields the power to bend the living and the dead to his will.

By the author of Midnight's Angels, Deadly Violet, Speak of the Devil, and Witch Hunter.

"The action doesn't let up for a page as Richards pulls one menace out of the bag after another. Raine's Landing is a playground for (his) vibrant imagination, while the rest of us stand on the sidelines with eyes wide open at his audacity and wonder what he'll do next" - Black Static magazine.

"Richards is a master at suspending disbelief and combining horror, fantasy and humor in a way that will mesmerize readers from cover to cover" - Romantic Times Book Reviews, sf/fantasy section.

"Fans of Laurell K. Hamilton and the Sookie Stockhouse novels will thoroughly enjoy this enthralling novel. This urban fantasy horror thriller will appeal to fans of differing sub-genres as a riveted audience finish 'Night of Demons' in one sitting" - SF Revu.

"A terrific author. A unique and eloquent voice" - John Pelan.

"A hell of a writer, one of today's masters of dark fiction" - Mario Guslandi, Horror World.

"Man, this guy can write. He has the power to introduce you all over again to the pleasures of reading good prose" - Ed Gorman.

"An amazing voice" - James A. Moore.

"Page turners. Not a boring part in the whole series" - Amazon reviews

Find out more about the new edition of Night of Demons (The Raine's Landing Supernatural Thrillers Book 2)

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