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15 Free Audible UK Download Codes for D-Day (Time Patrol)

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Offline Bob Mayer
30 May 2018, 11:23 AM | Post: #1


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Exclamation 15 Free Audible UK Download Codes for D-Day (Time Patrol)

I have 15 individual Audible download codes for D-Day (Time Patrol). They will be given to the first 15 people who email me at bob@bobmayer.com asking for them. As long as this post is up, there is a code available.
D-Day (Time Patrol)
'Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.' Winston Churchill 

History is made by ordinary people doing extraordinary things. The fact that often time’s history doesn’t record the heroics of these people doesn’t alter that. The missions on 6 June range from:

1944 A.D.: Mac parachutes behind the beaches of Normandy and links up with the Resistance to insure the last ‘good war’ ends the way history records.

478 B.C.: Scout arrives to stumble over the body of Pythagoras in the entrance of Oracle of Delphi's cave.

452 A.D.: Roland arrives in the great hall Heoret, in time to meet Beowulf and then Grendel, proving reality is more dangerous than poetry.

1843 A.D: Ivar arrive at West Point, meeting a middling cadet, small in stature, named Ulysses S. Grant who is trying to survive and graduate.

1998 A.D.: Doc is at a secret nuclear weapons depot in Pakistan, where the saber-rattling of nuclear tests is getting ready to escalate into Armageddon; a war to end all wars.

And, strangest of all, Moms goes on a mission thousands of years into pre-history, to the day Art is born.
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While history doesn’t record the heroics by the ordinary, there are those who do notice. And there are those who want to stop those ordinary people and change our history in order to create a time tsunami and wipe our present out of existence.

It is up to the Time Patrol to send an agent back to six different years on the 6th of June and make sure that doesn’t happen!
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