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Bodies in Ruins... released May 2nd 2018... limited promo offer this month only £2.97

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Offline Alan Graham Reading The Handmaid's Tale: Margaret Atwood
22 May 2018, 01:58 AM | Post: #1

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Bodies in Ruins... released May 2nd 2018... limited promo offer this month only £2.97

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The plots, of which there are many, are suspended between affluent, city life and an isolated village in the West Country.  It is the story of a love that develops between a respectable paediatrician and a young, female social worker, an affair to be deviously manipulated by a beautiful but deranged widow. 
In part, Bodies in Ruins explores the windings of male sexuality from the view point of four female characters, while the compassionate and confused man in the middle, cursed with being unable to understand nor control his sexual urges, is left open to extreme exploitation.  He is a child, serial killer... living a double life.  A clash of ideologies ensues: life, death, human rights and their significance within the medical profession putting characters disastrously at odds with one another.  Eventually, with care and great tenderness our social worker, on discovering the appalling truth, finally breaks through and finds the answer to the madness haunting him.
... Will her efforts be enough?  With the police closing in and that infatuated widow becoming more malevolent by the minute, his time is running out – his sanity, too.

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