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Upon Barden Moor: a discounted new occult mystery.

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Offline H.E. Bulstrode Reading Imperium, Robert Harris
08 May 2018, 02:28 PM | Post: #1

H.E. Bulstrode

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What I Read

Upon Barden Moor: a discounted new occult mystery.

Upon Barden Moor: a new occult mystery novel set in Edwardian Yorkshire (although opening during the postwar period), laced with a liberal dose of satire. Free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers and available for 99p for the first fortnight only.

Death was wending its way to the moor: slowly, surely, methodically. It was a day that had been many months in the planning, and the ritual, so well rehearsed, was about to be enacted. It would be a solemn end, for without that, it would be nothing; this was how it had to be.  

Welcome to Yorkshire, 1949. A village schoolmaster leaves a mysterious note, and as the drama unfolds, the reader is transported back to a stifling afternoon upon the moor some forty or so years earlier, for this, it would seem, is a moment in time with which his fate has become inextricably bound.


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