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Tax form 1042-S

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12 Mar 2018, 10:56 PM | Post: #1

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Tax form 1042-S

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Okay, so I’m a UK resident and I’ve published a book with KPD. Today they sent me the IRS Form 1042-S and I am terrified and confused! I have no idea what to do with it. Can I do nothing? I honestly don’t care if they’ve taken all my money, they can keep it as far as I’m concerned as long as I don’t have to fill out a form like that!! My gross income was 42 and they withheld 12 I think, but like I said I really don’t care.
Does anyone know if I can ignore it? What do I do with it?
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14 Mar 2018, 02:41 PM | Post: #2

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RE: Tax form 1042-S

If this is the form I think it is, it's not really very difficult to fill out at all. Put in your National Insurance number where they ask for something scary at the correct point (I can't remember offhand) and the rest is mainly personal details. You can do it online, if my memory serves (is that correct?). It may not amount to much, but it's better than nothing, so I'd suggest giving it a go. They do hold your hand through the process, honest.


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