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Would you like to read your newsletters on your Kindle?

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10 Mar 2018, 03:52 PM | Post: #1

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Would you like to read your newsletters on your Kindle?


My friend and I really love our Kindles but one thing we also wanted to do was read our newsletters on our Kindle. We couldn't find an easy way to do it so we developed our own service. It's called N2Kindle and it just went live. You can check us out here: 


The way it works is, a user signs up and provides us with his or her Kindle email address. We then create his personal N2Kindle address which the user can use to sign up at newsletters. As soon as a newsletter comes in, our technology automatically converts the newsletter to a Kindle friendly format and forwards it to the Kindle address the user provided.

With N2Kindle you can read your newsletters on your Kindle in an easy, hassle free way for only 1€ per month. However users can start a 30 day free trial to test the product first. We also have a referral program, which allows you to share N2Kindle with your friends. Once you have referred two friends N2Kindle becomes free for you. 

Any feedback and help would be very much appreciated!

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