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The Regulators - FREE Until 28th February.

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Offline Brucey
26 Feb 2018, 08:56 PM | Post: #1

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The Regulators - FREE Until 28th February.

My debut novel The Regulators by Ben Bruce is free now on Kindle. If you're looking for an action thriller, inspired by books like the Jack Reacher series, or shows like 24 & Homeland, then hopefully you'll find something in it!

"There’s a mercenary on the streets of London, hired by a notorious gangland boss, and members of parliament and the security services might be protecting them both. But what is their end goal, and who are their targets? 

The Regulators are the last line of defence, a secret organisation, keeping the public safe, and fighting corruption in the seats of power. Can they unravel what’s happening in time to save the day, and what lines will they have to cross to get there?"

I hope you have as much fun reading, as I did writing!