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Labour and the wartime coalition: James Chuter Ede 1941-1945 £40.00!

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Offline Balliol
14 Feb 2018, 08:01 PM | Post: #1

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Labour and the wartime coalition: James Chuter Ede 1941-1945 £40.00!

I'm studying the 1945 Labour Government and am reading biographies of various Labour Cabinet members most of whom wrote copiously with the exception of James Chuter Ede  who appears to have only written,  "Labour and the wartime coalition: From the diary of James Chuter Ede 1941-1945" for which every book seller appears to have joined a selling ring wanting to charge £40.00!
I would have thought that such a book would have been out of copyright by now and reprinted in paperback.  Does anyone know if there are any less expensive copies than the major second hand  book sellers?
Offline Campbell
15 Feb 2018, 02:33 PM | Post: #2

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RE: Labour and the wartime coalition: James Chuter Ede 1941-1945 £40.00!

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James Chuter Ede died in 1965. His original diary won't be out of copyright until 2035. As this was written in 1987 (and is presumably a derivative work worthy of it;'s own copyright) you'll be waiting a while for a freebie.

The Imperial War Museum has a copy in their library collection so if that's at all local you could read it there. https://www.iwm.org.uk...

Otherwise it looks like everywhere is £40+ if you google the ISBN-13 which is 9780950890036.

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