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New Release: 'Uncanny Tales'

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Offline H.E. Bulstrode Reading Imperium, Robert Harris
12 Feb 2018, 09:05 PM | Post: #1

H.E. Bulstrode

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New Release: 'Uncanny Tales'

Uncanny Tales - Four tales of the weird and the uncanny, nurtured in the English soil.
Within these pages the reader will encounter four spirits: a mediaeval animalistic heretic; a personification of Death that has journeyed far from its Breton homeland; a Celtic goddess thirsting for vengeance, and a mysterious sickle-wielding hedger. Some are guardians of their place and of their values, caring not for contemporary social mores, or those who cleave to them. Woe to those who care to transgress what they deem to be right! Others wreak a vengeance upon the living to make them atone for perceived injustices, unleashing chaos in the personal lives and relationships of their chosen victims.

From the near-contemporary settings of The Rude Woman of Cerne and The Ghost of Scarside Beck, to the Victorian era and far further back still in At Fall of Night and Epona, each of these tales is firmly rooted in the soil of England, and a strangeness that is part of the landscape itself. All four are ghost stories, but also draw upon folk horror, the gothic, historical fiction, and satire. There is thus much to appeal to the general reader, as well as to aficionados of weird and uncanny fiction.

H.E. Bulstrode's Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.co.uk/H.E.-Bulstrode/e/B01HT9OJ8I

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