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Bottle and Glass - free today and tomorrow only

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Bottle and Glass - free today and tomorrow only

Bottle and Glass e-book is free for download from Amazon, today and tomorrow only. 

UK:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01N4ACN5V
US:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N4ACN5V

"Bottle and Glass is a highly original adventure story, set during the war of 1812, and framed using real taverns that once existed within the city of Kingston, Ontario.  A fascinating study of escape, and a powerful history of 19th century frontier life; Bottle and Glass is a stunning achievement."

Helen Humphreys – award‐winning novelist and poet laureate of Kingston, Ontario, author of seven novels including ‘Afterimage’, ’ Coventry’, and ‘The Evening Chorus’, nominated for the 2015 Governor General’s Award.

Bottle and Glass is a story of survival and escape told from the barstools of two dozen boisterous Kingston taverns at the close of the War of 1812. Jeremy Castor and his cousin Merit Davey are snatched up by the Royal Navy in the summer of 1813. A year later they arrive in Kingston, a town tense with the fear and deprivation of war. Their first riotous night ashore is spent at the Violin, Bottle, and Glass. Later that evening, they stumble upon a dead man - their lives are changed forever.

[Image: 410stwKBmSL.jpg]