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Proof and author copies now available from KDP

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03 Feb 2018, 02:58 PM | Post: #1

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Proof and author copies now available from KDP

Today's KDP newsletter states you can now order proof and author copies when using their physical book option.
Crucially, they state that they are printed a shipped from within Europe for UK/European authors -- saves waiting for US deliveries!

More on Proof copies here:

and Author copies here:
[Image: 41b1WpC7L5L._SL95.jpg] [Image: 41ibvqKEBFL._SL95.jpg] [Image: 51XqLx%2BhxIL._SL95.jpg] [Image: 51g%2BiINoLAL._SL95.jpg] [Image: 51bOIIJsknL._SL95.jpg] [Image: 6117LLScjrL._SL95.jpg] [Image: 41H6AeNw4QL._SL95_.jpg]