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Do readers and authors agree about genres?

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RE: Do readers and authors agree about genres?

(21 Feb 2018 01:32 PM)Lola M Wrote: Wrote:  Funny to look at these from the theoretical and historical perspective.
Women's fiction, only emerged in the 21st century. How do we categorize Jane Eyre? For centuries, it's been a romance/novel. But these days, considering the feminist perspective, it's definitely women's fiction. So where do we put it?
Romance. The root is "Roman", and it used to apply to large pieces of prose fiction (which first emerged as a genre in the Roman Empire). In English, this term was replaced with a "novel", but "romance" still pretty much means "a thick book with one fictional story" as well as "love happens in this story" in many other languages.
Browsing through bookshop genres is a pain.
Good points. I think romance readers expect 'love' to be the story.
Perhaps 'classics' should become a genre.
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