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Newly released Science Fiction novel available for review All The Stars Are Suns

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Offline Seaby Brown Reading
26 Oct 2017, 04:21 AM | Post: #1

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Newly released Science Fiction novel available for review All The Stars Are Suns

My latest book, my first novel, All The Stars Are Suns is available for review.  This offer will be available for the first 10 reviewers.
Thank you for your interest,
Seaby Brown

The glory days of Silicon Valley are long ago. Even China is losing out to space based industry and research centers. More and more people on Earth are losing interest in jobs and are relying on their Universal Basic Income as automation provides enough for all. No one goes hungry or homeless but cracks are forming in the foundations of society.

Sincerity Espinoza didn't go looking for trouble, it found her. All she wants out of life is the chance to go to the stars but she is caught in a web of misunderstandings, political & legal maneuvering, and the growing threat of terrorist plots by religious fanatics. She has a secret that if found out too soon could mean not only her own death but the ruin of the hope for humanity ever going to the stars. But even amidst momentous events, life is still about the small moments of love, laughter, and sadness. 

Written by Seaby Brown, a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur and high tech inventor, the story is as much a prediction of where we will be in the future as it is a work of fiction. It melds social, political, and tech trends into a realistic portrayal of advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, cybernetics, aerospace engineering, genetics engineering, and neural interface technology that will become common place. In a world that has grown cynical about "progress", All The Stars Are Suns is a hopeful and optimistic look into our future.

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