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Review of The Haiku Diary

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Offline James Everington
10 Mar 2011, 06:04 PM | Post: #1


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Review of The Haiku Diary

In case anyone is interested, I read a neat little book of poetry recently; this is my Amazon review of The Haiku Diary by Neil Schiller:

"I wasn't sure what this would be like when I read the description - surely diaries are meant to be rambling and personal? And haiku are meant to be compact and precise, impersonal in their imagery and strict rules of construction? I was unsure how the two forms would work together. But I'd read Neil Schiller's book of short stories 'Oblivious' (and so should you) so I knew he was a good writer, so I took a chance on this.

By and large, it works - I read this in one sitting, and there's some great imagery and sense of the world moving through its seasons. But the diary part works too - gradually the haiku work to build up a picture in your mind of the author, and his life. I really enjoyed that aspect of it, as well as admiring the formal side. The author's introduction where he explained the genesis of the book was interesting too.

Also worth noting is that, unlike some books of poetry for the Kindle, this is perfectly formatted."

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