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Closer to Home - a new British Police Procedural by Heleyne Hammersley

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Closer to Home - a new British Police Procedural by Heleyne Hammersley

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Some fantastic 4 and 5* reviews for Closer to Home.

'Gets you hooked from the claustrophobic prologue to the dynamic ending.'
'Great character development, nice historical “flashbacks” to give background, and a few nice red herrings. A brilliantly constructed novel and a very entertaining and gripping read. I am hoping that this is just the first of many Kate Fletcher stories as I feel the character has plenty of scope and history to keep us enthralled for the foreseeable future. Crime drama and suspense at its best!'
'Ok, #KillerHook prologue alert! '
'Her characterisation is a lesson in how to flesh out a fictional person, and keep them believable.'[Image: 51OjH9jx-5L.jpg]


Family. Secrets. Murder.
Newly promoted DI Kate Fletcher has reluctantly returned to her home town after a twenty-year absence and a recent divorce.  The discovery of a child’s body near the estate where Kate grew up has her rushing back to Thorpe – a place of bad memories and closed mouths. 
As her team investigate the murder, they keep hitting dead ends. The community is reluctant to reopen old wounds and retell old stories.  But Kate’s history refuses to stay buried.
Then another child disappears… 
Can Kate solve the case and right the wrongs from her past?

[Image: 51OjH9jx-5L.jpg]