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How to format your Amazon & Createspace books with MS Word

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How to format your Amazon & Createspace books with MS Word

Formatting your books properly helps to improve customer or buyer experience which eventually leads to good reviews and which in turn boosts your book's sales. No buyer will value a quality content book without proper formatting and editing. There are many word editing tools you can use to format and convert your books to the various formats that amazon and Createspace accept for their kindle and paperback books. You can use tools like caliber, kindlegen, Microsoft Word, etc. to format and convert your books to these required formats. I will give you a step by step guide with screenshots on how use MS Word 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and later versions to edit, format, proofread, insert header and footer texts, generate table of contents automatically and convert your kindle and paperback book interiors or manuscripts from docx to htm (for kindle ebook) and pdf (for paperback) file formats which are among the accepted book interior formats.
[b][font=verdana, sans-serif]Many Young Author ask:[/b][/font]

How do you make a book on Microsoft Word?
How do I number pages in a book using Word?
How do you print a booklet in Word?
How do I make a booklet in Word for Mac?
This tutorial article provides answers to these questions.

How to Utilize the CreateSpace Interior Templates
CreatesSpace, a subsidiary of Amazon which bases specially on the printing and distribution of your book's hard copy version has designed some interior templates for the various dimensions of your book's interior which is available in two forms:Formatted Templates which makes everything simple for novices and Basic Templates for those who want a very unique interior design. This form allows you format your book's interior to your taste.

For any template format you want, all you have to do is to select the template that fits your manuscript's needs and trim size. Next is to copy and paste your content into the template and then delete the former texts in the template. Lastly, cross-check and proof read each page and then convert your document to PDF format if you are preparing the interior for CreateSpace or Paperback (Amazon) publishing. Else save the document as Web page, Filtered (.htm) for Amazon kindle ebook format by clicking to File tab > Save As > Select Web Page, Filtered in the Save As Type drop down menu and then clicking on Save.
[Image: save%2Bthe%2Binterior%2Bas%2Bweb%2Bpage%...format.png]

You will need MS Word version 2007 and later to convert your book interior from docx to htm file format.
Setting Up Your Book's Interior with MS Word From Scratch
I gave you the download link to get the CreateSpace book interior template above. But if you are very familiar with Microsoft Word, you can edit, proof read, format your book interior both for kindle and paperback versions with Microsoft Word 2007 and later versions. I like formatting my book from scratch because it makes my book unique, so if you value uniqueness, then consider this method. Even if you don't have any knowledge of Word editing, I will walk you through the entire process, so don't panic! I will use MS Word 2013 for this illustration, because it has similar features with the later and previous versions of MS Word.
How to Format and Edit Your Book Interior in MS Word
The processes involved in formatting and editing your book interior includes: setting up the page size and layout, inserting your book's preliminary pages, proof reading the content with the help of MS Word proof reading tool, editing your book content character styles, inserting bookmarks, setting up the page header and footer, inserting page numbers, generating the table of content automatically and finally converting your book interior or manuscript to a format that Amazon and kindle accepts.
[font=verdana, sans-serif]How to Set Up Your Book Interior Page Size & Layout

Here, you will setup your book page or paper size which should be the same as your book cover. There are two major standard book sizes: the [font=verdana, sans-serif]6" by 9" (mainly for textbooks) and the [font=verdana, sans-serif]5" by 8" (mainly for non fiction novels). The default paper size and type of a Microsoft Word page is 8.5" by 11" and Letter. You will also need to modify the general page setup of your book like the page margins and page layout. Note that the interior file for the kindle ebook version of your book does not need these formatting.[/font][/font]
To Setup Your Paperback Book Interior Page:
1. Open up your paperback book interior file or manuscript on MS Word.
[font=verdana, sans-serif]
2. Click on [font=verdana, sans-serif]Page Layout 
tab. Click on the Size drop down arrow located under the Page Setup group and then click on More Paper Sizes.[/font][/font]

[font=verdana, sans-serif][Image: click%2Bon%2Bmore%2Bpaper%2Bsizes.png]

[font=verdana, sans-serif]3. This prompts the [b][font=verdana, sans-serif]Page Setup dialogue box with three tabs: [font=verdana, sans-serif]Margins, Paper andLayout.
4. Click the Margin tab. Set values for the top, bottom, inside, outside and gutter to any value of your choice. You can try 0.5" for the first four margins and 0.15" for the gutter margin. Most times, it s recommended that you make the top margin value a little bit bigger since you will add some header text in this margin. You might try 0.7".

[font=verdana, sans-serif]Read full tutorial article at [b]http://www.microsofttut.com/2017/08/how-to-format-your-books-using-ms-word.html[/b][/font]

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