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How to set up, self publish & sell your books on Amazon

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How to set up, self publish & sell your books on Amazon

Self-Publishing on amazon and createspace platforms is quite easy but needs some directions especially if you have not published on these platforms before. Every publishing platform has its own challenges including amazon kindle especially in the design and formatting of ecover and manuscript. But a step by step guide simplifies the whole sign up, self-publishing process. I carefully wrote this article as a walk-through guide especially for novice authors and publishers who wish to self-publish their books, be it fiction novels, non fiction books or tutorial books through amazon with some book sales promotion and boosting strategies. The procedure for publishing on amazon kdp and createspace platforms are almost the same.
Why You should choose amazon  kindle and createspace
There are tons of reasons why you should choose amazon kdp and createspace book publishing platforms. The choice solely depends on your end target and objectives. But always bear in mind that the main aim of every Author and publisher is to make a lot of sales as quickly as possible. Amazon is now the most popular and largest online store especially when it comes to book publishing, distribution and sales.
Amazon owns both Kindle and Createspace. Kindle is a series of eReaders and tablets offered by Amazon. They have varieties of devices for book reading which is one of the qualities that makes the platform unique. Along with the Kindle device, a Kindle app is available for every major web browser, smartphone platform and for both Windows and Mac-based computers.  All you do is to publish your once through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform and it becomes available through the Kindle app and on any personal computing device.
You can also publish a hard copy of your book with the platform called paperback format which is printed and distributed on  customer's demand. Amazon specially created Createspace book publishing platform to concentrate on the printing, binding and distribution of book hard copies to customers and book retailers from book publishing pkatforms. This has helped Amazon kindle and createspace platforms to reach potentially billions of readers around the world.
There are still more reasons why you should self publish on amazon kdp and createspace.

Some Pre-Publishing Requirements & Decisions
Before you set off to self-publish on amazon kdp, there are many things I personally advise you to put in place and decide.
[font=verdana, sans-serif]
[font=verdana, sans-serif]Advice: This tutorial article is a bit lengthy because I explained every step bit by bit to make sure you self- published your books easily. It will guide you through your book setup and publishing Process on Amazon. So prepare and relax your mind and then keep a cup of coffee or tea beside you!

The first thing is your book manuscript. Make sure you have properly formatted and converted it to the format and file extensions that amazon recommends and accepts.

[font=verdana, sans-serif]Here are some interior file formats that amazon accepts both for kindle and paperback ebook version:[/font]

  • Word (.doc or .docx)
  • HTML (.zip, .htm, .html)
  • ePub
  • MOBI (.prc)
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
  • Plain Text (.txt)
  • Adobe PDF (.pdf)
  • Kindle Package Format (.kpf)

Ensure your book manuscript contains some preliminary pages like:
  • Copyright
  • Dedication
  • Preface, etc.
  • Table of Contents (TOC)

Don't include a cover in your manuscript compile, you will upload it separately to in[font=verdana, sans-serif].jpg format.

You may wish to convert your book to formats like epub or mobi. You can use some software like: [font=verdana, sans-serif]kindlegen. You can also [font=verdana, sans-serif]download and use a software called Calibre to format and to convert your manuscript. Click here to watch the Demo.[/font][/font]

But if you are conversant with Microsoft Word Editing application (from version 2007 and later), you don't need these tools. You can use MS Word to edit, format, generate table of content and convert your manuscript from [font=verdana, sans-serif].docx format to [font=verdana, sans-serif].htm format by clicking toFile tab > Save As > Select Web Page, Filtered in the Save As Type and then clicking on Save as shown below. When you upload it on amazon kdp, it will be converted to the required format automatically. Note that you will need MS Word version 2007 and later to achieve this.[/font][/font]

In one of my tutorial articles, I explained [font=verdana, sans-serif]How to format your kindle and Createspace books using Microsoft Word.[/font]

Remember, book formatting and editing needs professionalism!. If you can not do it yourself, hire an expert.

Book Cover Design:
Another important thing is your book cover. Your book cover is the first to speak about your book when ever a potential buyer comes across your book. Always use professional book cover designs for your books. You can use software like [font=verdana, sans-serif]Adobe Photoshop[font=verdana, sans-serif]IndesignIllustratorSpark and Canva, among others to design your book cover both for kindle and paperback formats.[/font][/font]

The accepted format for your kindle ecovers is "[font=verdana, sans-serif].jpeg"[font=verdana, sans-serif] or ".jpg". For amazon paperback and CreateSpace print books, you need to convert the cover design to Print ready PDF format. The most recommended width to height ratio by amazon is 1.6:1 (2,560 x 1,600 pixels). But I use 2700px by 1800px for most of my books. If you want a wider width, you can try a wider ratio.[/font][/font]

Read full article at http://www.microsofttut.com/2017/08/guide-to-set-up-self-publish-on-amazon.html[/font]

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