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Get "The Best Career Guide Ever" For FREE on Amazon

InspiredWork: Create Work You Love in 8 Weeks (a $9.99 value) is FREE today on Amazon.
Since it was published one week ago, the InspiredWork book has been called “The Best Career Guide Ever”, “You’re A to Z Guide to Reclaiming Your Excitement for the Workweek”, and “The How-To Manual on How to Create Work You Love.”
Go to http://amazon.co.uk"font-weight: bold;"> to get your FREE copy of “InspiredWork” now.
I wrote InspiredWork because I believe life is too short to be unhappy at work. Through my 26-years of experience as a high tech executive, entrepreneur and coach, I learned that career happiness is an individual journey. Everyone can be happy at work, despite the
Unhappy Work Epidemic
The answers are inside. You just need to find the right guide – a guide that both inspires you and gives you practical advice on how to transform your career and brand in the Global Digital Age. That’s how I designed the InspiredWork book - as the Cure to Career Unhappiness and a journey from the inside out.
In this 246-page eBook you will discover:
·       - Why 80% of people are unhappy at work and if you are one of them
·      -  What inspired work means to you
·      -- Which career path (new job, career or business) is right for you
·      -  How to create a personalized game plan to transform your career
·     -   Step-by-step guidance on how to find a job, change careers or start your own business in just 8 weeks
I am giving this transformational career book away for a very limited time…
So get “The Best Career Guide Ever” for FREE now at http://amazon.co.uk"color: #222222;"> 

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