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Yesterday, I finally got a Mirasol eReader

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Offline jenny cj
22 Sep 2017, 06:40 AM | Post: #1

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Yesterday, I finally got a Mirasol eReader

Yesterday, I finally got a Mirasol eReader, colorful reflective screen really a wonderful thing.
Unfortunately, the system is Android 2.3.5
I am very interested in these technologies, because led backlight damage vision in my opinion.
And i think these screens should be available worldwide,
May it be expensive, but available in bigger quantities.
Because Oled screens are not cheap too.
But the time will come.
I think they dont want to loose money on Led technology,
Because many would drop Led screens, and buy reflective screens
So probably it will take 5-10 years to replace screen technologies.
[Image: 1506047275x793380738.jpg]
[Image: 1506047297x2728309352.jpg]
[Image: 1506047319x2728309352.jpg]