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Gaming the NYT Bestseller's List

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Offline leep
29 Aug 2017, 06:58 AM | Post: #1

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Gaming the NYT Bestseller's List

Came across a very interesting article where some suspicious types took a look at the dramatic rise of a YA title called Handbook for Mortals.


Some great detective work and an interesting look at both group investigation and how systems can be played.
[Image: 41b1WpC7L5L._SL95.jpg] [Image: 41ibvqKEBFL._SL95.jpg] [Image: 51XqLx%2BhxIL._SL95.jpg] [Image: 51g%2BiINoLAL._SL95.jpg] [Image: 51bOIIJsknL._SL95.jpg] [Image: 6117LLScjrL._SL95.jpg] [Image: 41H6AeNw4QL._SL95_.jpg]
Offline JamesGBoswell
28 Jan 2018, 03:28 PM | Post: #2


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RE: Gaming the NYT Bestseller's List

It's disheartening that people will game the system to artificially pump up rankings to drive sales. Publishing is difficult, so I understand the motivation, but these kind of deceptive tactics just end up hurting everyone in the long run, including the author and publisher. Who knows how this book might have fared if they'd made a good faith effort to promote it honestly?