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HMRC Taxes

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Offline AJB
22 Aug 2017, 06:10 PM | Post: #1

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HMRC Taxes

I am trying to set up as a sole trader on the UK tax online pages.
It asks "Are you working for one person?" I have said Yes.
"Name of person?" I have said Kindle Direct Publishing.
"Address?" I am stuck here. I can't find what address I am supposed to enter. Can anyone help, please?


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What I Read

RE: HMRC Taxes

I think you're actually working for yourself - for you as a writer. The address, I believe, is your own.
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Offline cecilia_writer Reading Murder by the Glass by Lynda Wilcox
22 Aug 2017, 07:55 PM | Post: #3

That Singular Anomaly the Lady Novelist

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RE: HMRC Taxes

Yes - I agree with David - KDP is not your employer - you are self employed as far as your writing income is concerned.
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Offline Rosen Trevithick Reading
23 Aug 2017, 08:45 AM | Post: #4

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RE: HMRC Taxes

I concur. Amazon doesn't employ you.

Good luck with taxes (shudder!).
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