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Book Award for Books with Distinctive Cats

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10 Aug 2017, 09:05 PM | Post: #1

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Book Award for Books with Distinctive Cats

Bookangel UK is announcing its new (and first) book award in honour of one of our founder members. It might not be as serious as other awards, because it requires the book to purr: it is a Book Award for Books with Distinctive Cats. Since it is the first year, we are keeping it small in case things might go a bit awry so entries are limited to 150 books (less than one day's worth of normal site submissions) and entries close at the end of August regardless. Since cat lovers and book lovers have a rather large crossover, the entries should contain many wonderful fictional felines...The winner and ten runners-up will be announced in October.
The winner gets a £100 Amazon UK voucher, and winners and runners-up will get email certificate and web badges used to promote their books.
For more details see: http://bookangel.co.uk...