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The Invisible Teen Female Footballing Magician on Mars

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08 Aug 2017, 09:13 AM | Post: #1

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The Invisible Teen Female Footballing Magician on Mars

A quick flick through the bestseller lists soon shows that Fantasy is arguably the biggest seller in today’s market.

The whole Game of Thrones thing is going on; we have lived through Harry Potter and Peter Jackson introduced a million readers to Tolkien with his trilogy.

Then there’s the dystopian sci-fi books like The Hunger Games trilogy and the Divergent books, where plucky teenagers have to save the world.

Of course none of this is a new phenom. Since HG Wells wrote the greatest sci-fi books of all time like “The Time Machine”, “The War of the Worlds”, “The Invisible Man” etc, we have been in love with stories that take us into other worlds and other possibilities.

We all have a desire to escape everyday reality, and this is part of the whole Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel superheroes era that we live in.

I thought about trying to write a fantasy or sci-fi novel to try and take advantage of what is currently in demand.

However, it’s not that simple. An author writes with a specific voice and yes of course that can be changed and modified for different genres. The difficulty is that a Blues singer can sing Country, but it then isn’t Country.

That’s not always a bad thing, because it’s the new elements that each singer / author brings, that keeps a genre fresh. Think about Terry Pratchett and the humour he brought to the serious world of fantasy.

So I will keep pondering and maybe at some stage I’ll stick my characters in a medieval fantasy world, where teenage female magicians are allowed to play football with the big boys.

Any other writers contemplating making the trangenre change?