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Review e-book - Till Death do us together Paranormal/Romance

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Review e-book - Till Death do us together Paranormal/Romance

Currently, I have a free new kindle book I published from August 7-August 11. 
You can also contact me after promotion, and I'll be happy to send you a free copy.
When Dylan Hurley awakes in an abandoned Arlington house three years after he’d been declared dead, he realizes that he has all the physical features of a ghost.
Along with his guide and sponsor, Fiona, he must embark on a farewell tour of his friends and family before he is to cross over. His final destination is his hometown of Tryon, North Carolina in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, where his widow, Laurel, has remarried and moved on with her life.
Dylan recognizes that his feelings for his widow haven’t changed, which complicates matters, along with Laurel’s rocky marriage to her new husband, Brick. Throughout his death, Dylan walks a fine line between remaining invisible and interfering with his family’s new life without him. In the end, he has a decision to make: to cross over or to spend an eternity as a ghost in the foothills.
Read about the paranormal world the way you never have before!

Till Death do us together is the humorous, touching story of a man’s lasting love for a woman and the trials and hardships he is willing to endure to be near her.

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