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A Printed User Guide

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25 Jul 2017, 11:25 AM | Post: #1

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A Printed User Guide


I am sure I can't be the only Kindle owner on here who would prefer to have a printed copy of the User's Guide for reference purposes, rather than having to rely on a electronic copy, or e-book.

Of course I could always print one out for myself I suppose, but it is a 200 page document, and to make matters worse, was prepared on American 'Letter' sized paper which is of course about a quarter of an inch wider (and not as 'deep') as the more common A4 size paper, which makes the side margins slightly narrower still.

What I have therefore done, is to approach a local company who have printed a copy out for me on slightly 'overwide' 100 gsm paper (thicker than 'standard') with a card cover front and back. These have then all been commercially stapled together, with a wide linen strip around the spine, and finally trimmed to size, giving me a very useful and professional looking Guide. The finished item is surprisingly nearly half an inch think!

They have done this for me before with mobile phone and digital manuals with great success, and I have always been very pleased with the outcome.

I am still not quite sure of the final cost for the Kindle Guide, as they haven't sent me an Invoice yet, but based on previous orders I would estimate somewhere between £10-£15. This is not that cheap, I know, but as I said earlier, the finished result does look very smart indeed.