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GraphiCarlDesign | Editorial Design Specialists

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GraphiCarlDesign | Editorial Design Specialists

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I am the creative design director of 
GraphiCarlDesign and I would like to offer KU Forum members our services for the full design of your books. We specialise in editorial design for authors and self-publishers and we also provide a range of design services in print, branding, web and TV. We are passionate about helping great writers to bring their stories to life with professional, bespoke book designs (cover and interior). In recent years, we have created books such as the Children of the Diadems series and Bad Guitar Good Guitar - Musical Instrument Technique books. 

We offer 5 main packages, each with more or less the same benefits depending on your requirements. Please feel free to view our editorial design packages. You may also be interested in our article 'Why pay to have your book made by us?' for an in-depth but easy read explanation about what we do, why we do it and most importantly, the value for your money, such as; authors maintaining and gaining full copyright of their own work and anything we produce for them (respectively), we take 0% of your book sales as we are not publishers and corrections to your manuscript free of charge at your request.

If our services may be of interest, we would love to hear from you about your current or future plans for your literature; we can then discuss how we may be of assistance moving forward.

Kind regards,

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