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KDP Print vs Createspace - which is better? Here are my findings..

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Offline Tomass
17 Jul 2017, 09:05 AM | Post: #1

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Star KDP Print vs Createspace - which is better? Here are my findings..

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Hello everyone!
Those of you who are self-publishers here, have probably heard of Amazon's new KDP Print. 

I just wrote an article on this titled KDP Print vs Createspace - Which is Better? where I go into all the details of KDP Print and how it stacks up against Createspace. I thought I should share some of my findings on this forum. 

The answer to the question in that title is... Createspace. 

And this is why - 

Benefits of Createspace:
  • Possible to order physical proof copies (not possible with KDP Print)
  • Possible to order wholesale author copies (not possible with KDP Print)
  • More favourable from a print aspect
  • Expanded distribution possible (not possible with KDP Print)
  • 2x faster payout time - 30 days, instead of 60
  • Phone support available
  • Higher royalty in the European market (.de) for b&w books with a page count less than 110 pages
  • Allows for diversification between publishing companies

KDP Print:
  • Easier, faster and more convenient to set up a paperback
  • Make changes to your paperback without losing royalties and slipping in rankings
  • Accounting and reporting benefits
  • Access to Amazon's japan market
If you'd like to learn about this in more detail, you can read the full article here:

Towards the end I go into the possible futures for these 2 POD companies. 

Hope this is useful! 

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts.
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19 Jul 2017, 04:11 AM | Post: #2

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RE: KDP Print vs Createspace - which is better? Here are my findings..

I've used both, and for most of my books find KDP Print more useful. The bulk of my books are already in print with Lightning Source, which means they're already distributed just about everywhere, including printing facilities in the UK, US, and Australia. I've been taking the same books, with the same ISBNs, and adding them to KDP Print, which means that Amazon fulfills orders with the KDP version, and everyone else still gets the LSI version. It makes the dreaded "may require an extra however many days to ship" notice go away. Now, if it's a new book that isn't set up anywhere else, and you want the wider distribution, CS obviously works better.

That said, some of the reference books I publish, I wouldn't consider either, because the primary market is libraries, which KDP Print doesn't sell to, and CS will only sell to if you're willing to make them the publisher of record, which I'm not willing to do. Mind you, library sales are a two-tier market, with some libraries willing to buy trade paperbacks, and others only buying from resellers who buy the trade paperbacks and rebind them. The later is much harder to do in the modern book market, because the definition of "trade paperback" has changed over the years to include mostly perfect bound books, where before a trade paperback had the same sewn signatures as the hardbound edition, but with a soft cover glued on instead.
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21 Jul 2017, 06:59 AM | Post: #3

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RE: KDP Print vs Createspace - which is better? Here are my findings..

Thank you.
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