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David Gaughran, Scott Nicholson, & Nora Percival

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Offline Leslie Anne Perry
06 Jul 2017, 07:18 PM | Post: #1

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David Gaughran, Scott Nicholson, & Nora Percival

Today at a High Country Writers workshop we had a discussion on David Gaughran’s excellent book LET’S GET DIGITAL: HOW TO SELF PUBLISH, AND WHY YOU SHOULD, 2nd ed. [I have learned that a 3rd edition is in the works, and should be available later this summer.]

LET’S GET DIGITAL was recommended by Scott Nicholson (author of After: Milepost 291, Speed Dating with the Dead, and MANY more books) when he was guest speaker at a High Country Writers meeting several months ago. [In 1986, Scott helped build our house—which my husband and I still live in. In 1989, he helped us build our fence. And, around that time, he gave a few guitar lessons to our son. Scott is a man with multiple talents!]

High Country Writers has been in existence since 1995, but I have only been a member since 2014. Since I joined, we have had one other book discussion and it was on Nora Lourie Percival’s book WEATHER OF THE HEART: A CHILD’S JOURNEY OUT OF REVOLUTIONARY RUSSIA. Nora, a long-time member of High Country Writers, passed away on Valentine’s Day—at the age of 102.
Offline Anna Faversham Reading
07 Jul 2017, 09:22 AM | Post: #2

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RE: David Gaughran, Scott Nicholson, & Nora Percival

David's book has been a god-send for me. Good to know there'll be an updated version. 

Thanks Leslie.
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